Skylar ‘Sky’ Hamann- Lamont


Skylar was born in Big Rapids, Michigan and fell in love with the open road at a young age while skipping school and traveling in a camper-van with her father on long road trips.

After high school Skylar took a train to Oregon and worked on a small farm for a year. Afterwards, she moved to Arizona and began building a 5X8 teardrop camper. She then spent 3 years living in her tiny camper without a hot shower or an address, but her days were spent fishing on every waterway she could park her camper next to in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Skylar then spent a season fishing and exploring Argentina and Chile, and started guiding at a lodge in the Patagonian region of Chile where she now returns in the winters. She has also guided seasons in Southwest Montana, Wyoming and Alaska.

Skylar has spent time living on a sailboat in the Florida Keys and fishing saltwater, targeting bass and carp in Tennessee, fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland, and swinging flies in Washington. She is passionate about learning new things from other anglers and guides, sharing what she has learned from others, tying weird flies and trying them out, listening to a good travel story, and just being outside with her dog (Django). 

Skylar joined Royal Wolf in 2017 and has proven to be a hearty guide, willing to go the extra mile to prove her worth in the industry. Her tenacity and knowledge makes her a great guide as well as fellow team member of Royal Wolf. We are proud of her accomplishments and look forward to another great season with her.

In 2018, Skylar married Chapin (another of our guides) in an intimate ceremony overlooking our home river in what became our first wedding at Royal Wolf, quickly dubbed the Royal Wedding.