Mike McCune

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Mike started guiding some thirty years ago while in college as a way to obtain necessary funds and more importantly, to avoid looking for a job. 

He first came to Alaska in 1985 and with few exceptions has returned every summer.  The remainder of the year finds him guiding and fishing for Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest and waterfowl hunting in Northern California. 

In addition to his many accomplishments as an angler and guide, Mike is a recognized innovator of two handed casting methods and line designs.  He is also a member of Sage fly rods and Rio fly lines advisory teams.  Mike joined us at Royal Wolf Lodge in 2002 and is insistent that everyone have as much fun as he does.

In the most recent couple of years, Mike has not been able to make it to Alaska for the season. Regardless of circumstances, his place at Royal Wolf is indefinite and we look forward to having him back. Possibly, he’ll be here in 2019…?