The Lodge


A first class fly-fishing lodge in Alaska has to be your home away from home.  When you are not in your private cabin you can take pleasure in what the main lodge has to offer to make your stay more enjoyable and give you a quality fly fishing experience.  You can sit and relax with a freshly made cup of coffee in front of the toasty wood fire while waiting for the breakfast buffet to be announced.  Perhaps wander onto the deck with your coffee as the sun is rising, listening to the call of the loons on the lake in front of the lodge, or hear the cries of Sandhill Cranes flying in formation over head.

 Breakfast is served buffet style.  Your choices will generally includes a light breakfast of juice, fruit and homemade muffins, as well as a fresh, hot dish made by the Chefs daily, whatever you need to make your day start out right.

After you return from a full day of fishing, you can walk over to the main lodge and pour yourself something to drink from the bar.  An hour before dinner, hors d'oeuvres will be served in the living area, a tempting array of palate pleasing tidbits, just enough to enhance your appetite for dinner.


If the weather is to your liking you can take your drink and a plate of hors d'oeuvres out onto the large deck and settle into the comfortable deck chairs to watch the activity on the lakes. Perhaps there will be a bear wandering up from the small lake, or an eagle circling overhead, always with an eye for a snack of its own.

You might want to check out the small gift shop, where you could find something to take home to the kids, or a friend.

When dinner is announced you can proceed to the dining area where you will be served several courses, starting with a first course that might consist of crab cakes, fresh salad, or soup, served with fresh baked bread hot from the oven. Your plates are cleared, your wine glass refilled and the entrée is then served, an offering that is as good, if not better, than most restaurants. The chefs make it their goal to please even the most educated palates frequenting Royal Wolf Lodge, from the world seasoned traveler, to the more timid diner.

After dessert and coffee your Alaskan professional fly-fishing guide will discuss your next day of fishing, introducing themselves, telling you what type of clothing to wear which would provide a comfort level that is best for you, explaining the right equipment and gear to bring, also asking what you would like to drink with your lunch, always listening to your feedback seeing what would make you happy. 

You can peruse the extensive library at Royal Wolf seeing if you would like to take a book back to your room. We offer a large selection of fiction and non-fiction, something for every taste. You are more than welcome to keep a book in your room for the week, or sometimes exchange a book you’ve brought with you and have already finished.

The music system in the main lodge is offered for every type of taste, whether you’re into classical or country, you are more than welcome to listen to what you prefer.  Stay in the living room and read, or chat with your friends about your fishing experiences.  New friends are frequently made during the week.  Bring out the chessboard, or a deck of cards which are provided; if you need to have your laptop with you we offer Wi-Fi in the main lodge during your stay.  When you are ready for bed, it is a short walk to your cabin and a peaceful night of well deserved sleep.  The best fly-fishing lodge in Alaska will cater to your needs before you know you need them.  We want you to have a quality fly fishing experience.