September 19, 2017
You cannot beat this Alaskan experience! Spectacular scenery, amazing accommodations and the BEST fishing guides from all over the country are at Royal Wolf Lodge! The best fly-out trophy trout lodge in Alaska!


Royal Wolf lodge has three extremely important assets that will ensure you have will have an amazing trip. It is LOCATION----LOCATION----LOCATION

Royal Wolf Lodge (RWL) is centrally located in the heart of the world’s greatest natural rainbow trout fishery – Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska.  What makes this area special and the trophy rainbow trout fishing so prolific is the great salmon migration.  Each year, millions upon millions of sockeye salmon descend upon the Bristol Bay drainages, not least of which are the Kvijack, Alagnak and Naknek.  The main goal of these salmon is to run up streams and through lakes until they find their native waters in which they will spawn along the shoreline and in the tributaries of the lakes.  Each female sockeye will lay approximately 2,500 to 4,500 eggs depending on her size and water conditions.  (Rainbows love to eat these eggs!)  Then, mid winter and early spring these eggs begin to hatch and tiny fry emerge.  In May and continuing into July, these hatchling salmon will begin to move downstream.  Many of the fry will become food for hungry rainbows, lake trout, dollies, char and grayling.  After spawning, the adult sockeye will have completed their life cycle and die.  So now imagine these millions of 4-10 pound fish all dying within a 2-3 week time frame – think of how much flesh that is that breaks up into perfect bite size pieces for the ever-hungry trout.  As well as being the major food source for trout, salmon are the lifeblood of Alaska without which the fishery could not exist and the bears and wildlife would not thrive as they do.  


Situated on the Nonvianuk River amidst 120 acres of privately owned wilderness, Royal Wolf Lodge (RWL) is in the heart of the Katmai National Park and Preserve, a true jewel to all fishing and wildlife enthusiasts the world over.  Focusing on fly-out fly-fishing for rainbows, RWL fishes three main drainages; the Kvijack, the Alagnak and the Naknek.  Located in the middle of all three, the lodge has access to many creeks, streams and rivers, the Nonvianuk, (home river fishing) is exceptional and within walking distance of the lodge. The longest flight to any of these locations is 20 minutes, with the average being only 3-10 minutes.  The lodge utilizes Helio Courier float-planes, recognized as the very best performing “bush” aircraft ever designed.  The Helio is unique in the fact that it can take off in a very short distance. Giving this Southwest fly-fishing lodge access to areas few other people can go.