Q.  Do I need to purchase an Alaskan fishing license in advance of my trip or do you have them there? 

A.  You can purchase your fishing license online in advance at:  You must have your license on you at all times when you are fishing. 


Q.  Do you take credit cards?

A.  Yes, with a 2.5% Service Charge.


Q.  I’m not as young as I used to be and I’m not sure I can fish every day.  Would this be a problem?

A.  We have people that take a day or two off all the time.  You are more than welcome to spend a day at the lodge, reading by the fire, enjoying the sauna and possibly a massage, or just taking a nap in your cabin.  The staff will make you welcome and prepare you a nice lunch by the fire.


Q.  If we want to do some photography as well as fly fish is that ok?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  Royal Wolf is located in an incredible location and the photography opportunities are phenomenal.  We can shape your day trips around your preferences. 


Q. My son is only 12, but loves to fish. Do you think he’s too young for a trip like this?

A. It really depends on the person. How willing are they to stand in the rain all day and fish? Do they love it enough to stick with it and not get tired at noon and want to go home? We’ve had 10 year olds that were totally into it and at the end of the day didn’t want to go home. We’ve also had teenagers that really wanted to be elsewhere and didn’t like the idea of being away from their technical gadgets for a day/week. You probably know your children best and know what you can expect from them.

Q.  I'm thinking of having a family reunion and would like to know if you could accommodate 12-14 people?  Not all of them want to fish, would there be something for them to do, or would they be bored?

A.  If you have 12 people or more, we will reserve the entire lodge for you and your family.  You will have a wonderful reunion, leaving the housekeeping, dishwashing and cooking to us so you can be free to enjoy your family.  We’ve done this before and it is fun for us as well.  Fishermen depart on a comfortable schedule.  For those that don’t want to fish, or don’t want to fish every day, we will make up an itinerary which could include such activities as hiking and discovering the flora and fauna of Southwest Alaska, canoeing on our lakes, rafting with lunch, gourmet cooking classes, even catching a salmon and helping the chef prepare it for your family that night.  There can be fly-outs to see the bears at Brooks Falls or flight seeing to The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; you could even take a day trip. You could take a wild mushroom identification walk or go berry picking in the fall, and enjoy having the chef prepare dishes with these wild ingredients for dinner. You could take a boat to go sightseeing on the home river and view eagles, bears, otters, falcons, ducks and many other species of birds and animals.  Whether it is a family reunion, wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration, we can make it work.  We also provide a perfect setup for corporate meetings, providing all that is needed for the actual business meetings and of course the reward of fishing when you are ready to relax and have fun.


Q.  How bad are those notorious Alaskan mosquitoes and what do I need to bring for protection?

A.  Mosquitoes and biting insects do not like wind, but on a windless day you can be prepared by bringing a Deet fortified bug repellent.  You might also want to bring a simple head net, not the fine mesh, but normal, which will slip easily into your day-pack. We also have extras available at the lodge with additional bug spray if needed.  


Q.  I am not in great physical shape this year, will I be able to keep up and will there be long hikes to fishing areas? 

A.  We will organize and plan your days around your individual comfort level.  We have boats available on almost all the rivers, plus raft trips where there is a minimum of walking.  Your trip will be based on your level of comfort and needs.  Just communicate your needs when reserving your space and we will make sure our Alaska professional fly-fishing guides are aware.  We have taken guests fishing that were over 90 years old; their needs were met and their trip was extremely fun, comfortable and productive. 


Q: What if I use a C-Pap machine, how will it work if there's no power at night?

A: We do shut down the main generator at night, however we have small, more economical generators that we use for exactly this reason. Our crew will set it up for you, and you'll be able to plug right in and utilize power for your C-Pap, no problem. 


Q.  My wife is a beginner and feels intimidated about coming to a top notch fly-fishing lodge.  Should she take lessons in advance? 

A.  Only if she wants to, however our experienced Alaska professional guides and instructors love novice and beginning fly-fishers.  They are fond of saying that beginners have not had time to take on any bad habits, and so are easily taught.  Sometimes they have been known to outfish their partners.  Remember, you are doing this for pleasure and fun, not to impress anyone else.  It’s not about expertise, but about enjoying yourself. 


Q.  I tie my own flies, should I bring them or will you have flies there?

A.  By all means bring any fly you would like to try on the stream in Alaska; it is always fun to see the results.  However, RWL does provide all the flies and leaders you will need on the stream.  Our fly-fishing guides are on the same rivers every day and absolutely know what fly works best. 


Q.  I’m very nervous about bears, is it all right to bring bear spray, or a weapon with me? 

A.  We would prefer that you don’t.  Our guides are with the bears on a daily basis and know what is expected and unexpected behavior.  Guides carry some form of protection with them and will not take their eyes off you when bears are around.  Carrying bear spray in an airplane is illegal and dangerous.  You will have a complete bear indoctrination upon your arrival at the lodge, so you will know the proper way to behave around Katmai National Park brown bears. 


Q.  I see that your charter flight gets into Anchorage at 1:00 PM.  Is it safe to make a connecting flight to California leaving at 3:30 PM? 

A.  We do not advise making reservations that close.  Bush travel in smaller aircraft is based on a tentative schedule, unlike the major airlines; they must make decisions based on the weather conditions.  We have no way of knowing in advance if we will have fog, or wind conditions at the time of your charter flight, which could delay your arrival into Anchorage.  We like to advise our guests against scheduling a departure from Anchorage International Airport before 4:00 PM at the very earliest. 

Q. What is the customary tip I should leave?

A. While it is customary to leave a tip/gratuity, the amount is always guests choice based upon their experience at Royal Wolf.  Typically, gratuities range from 10 - 20% of the non- discounted rate, however please feel comfortable to leave more or less based on your experience. From your experienced and professional guides, pilots and chefs, to the housekeeping and maintenance teams, our crew work as a team.  Each position plays a crucial role in creating and providing a quality, comfortable, and exciting fishing adventure.  Therefore, all tips are pooled and divided equally among the all staff members. 


Q.  I can’t find a good connection leaving Anchorage after my charter flight arrives.  Should I fly out a day early, or what? 

A.  Many of our guests plan on arriving in Anchorage on Thursday, getting a hotel room for the night and taking the hotel shuttle to the charter the next morning. This allows them to get a good night’s sleep.  If you can’t make a schedule for your departure that works with your connections, you might consider another night spent at a hotel and a fly-out the next morning.  If you decide to fly out from the lodge a day early, you will have to pay extra for a private chartered air taxi, which can be quite cost prohibitive.