Dave Goodhart


Dave was born in Kentucky and raised near Boston. He graduated from Middlebury College where he studied Environmental Science, Biology, and also took courses in Stream Ecology and Fisheries at the University of Montana’s ‘Biological Station’.

Dave has been guiding in Alaska since the early days when he had hair. He has established camps and managed guiding in Russia for Atlantic Salmon on the Kola Peninsula, Rainbow Trout and Steelhead in Kamchatka, and Taimen in Mongolia. 

During the off season, Dave has guided for trout in Patagonia, hosted Fly Fishing America for two seasons and made many forays to the southern hemisphere in quest of trout. Recent winters have taken him to Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

When Dave is not traveling, he resides in Missoula, Montana where he plays in the Glacier Hockey League and helps in the efforts to restore the Clark Fork River.  

Dave has been the head guide at Royal Wolf for many years and we feel lucky to have him. His knowledge of the rivers, the art of fly-fishing and his 25+ years of experience are invaluable. Feel free to talk to Dave about your concerns, requests or simply fishing stories, he’s sure full of them and always appreciates hearing of others adventures.