Curt Schaumburg

Born and raised in Colorado, Curt Schaumburg has been fly fishing since he was 12 years old.  His love for the sport became a passion and Curt began guiding and competing in fly fishing 13 years ago. 

Growing up chasing rainbow trout all over the Midwest, one could assume that his favorite species to catch was trout… and you would be correct.  Though stalking steelhead and slaying sockeye are a very close tie.  Curt has spent the last 5 years guiding in the Bristol Bay Area and is excited to join us at Royal Wolf.

Always prepared for his trips, there's not much you won't find in his boat aside from bananas and an ego.  Humble and with a great sense of humor, Curt takes his job very seriously to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time while catching fish.  When asked what his strengths as an Alaskan guide were, his response was, "Patience. Being able to adapt. Observant, that's important. Being able to recognize when someone isn't having a good time or struggling, and being able to fix it. Oh yeah, and I haven't been eaten by a bear yet! So, there's that!"