Caribou Cabin
The Caribou Cabin is next to the winding trail which ends up at our home river, the Nonvianuk. You might have a very good chance of seeing a brown bear from this cabin, as it meanders up or down the trail at night, checking out any action on the river. This cabin also contains a full sized bed, twin bed plus a private bathroom, and a front porch with a bench for viewing nature. Each cabin is decorated with the theme of its given name.  The Caribou cabin has artwork representing this majestic Arctic animal. It is also a cabin to choose if you want to be closer to the main lodge, spa, or Finish sauna. All guest cabins contain heaters, screened windows, plus an outdoor porch light. Each bed has a comfortable firm mattress, high quality linens, two pillows and a down comforter for a comfortable nights sleep..